I wish there were more boat rentals at Barren River Lake!  This is probably the most frequent question that we get, and several of the resources we’ve used over the years have gone out of business.

Need a place to put that boat in the water?  Barren has over a dozen boat ramps, so you will have easy access to the water!

Pontoon & Boat Rentals

Tuesday through Thursday 10 AM to 5 PM
Friday 10 AM to 7 PM
Saturday 8 AM to 7 PM
Sunday 8 AM to 5 PM


Bob and Yo’s Kayak Rentals at the Landing

Tue – Wed:
Thu – Sat:

Extra Phones

MobilePhone: (270) 618-6484

This information is provided for your convenience.  Cooper’s Cottage is not affiliated with these businesses, and does not necessarily endorse them.

Just a reminder, Barren River Lake allows both motorized and non-motorized boats on the water.  There are a variety of skiers, jet skis, swimmers and other recreational activities taking place on the water.  Be aware of one another as you enjoy these boat rentals!!!

We used to be avid boaters, taking our ski boat out every weekend. On non-holiday weekends, the boat traffic at Barren is not bad.  Holiday weekends, of course, have a lot more boat traffic!  The water at Barren is nice and glassy in the mornings, perfect for knee-boarders / wake-boarders / skiers or fishing along the banks.  Renting a boat is definitely a great way to explore the lake!

For kayakers, the boat traffic will definitely affect your kayaking endeavors, but I love exploring some of the smaller inlets at Barren on our kayaks.  If you are a new kayaker, maybe consider an early morning trek close to the banks, or a mid-week outing to avoid some of the boat traffic that you see on weekends.  Bailey’s Point is a short 1.5 (by land) trek from our lake house and offers an easy place to launch your kayaks.  If you take a left hand turn from the dock, you can stay close to the campground and eventually come to the rock wall that Cooper’s Cottage sits on.  The campground is an easy spot to pull the kayaks into, if the boat traffic or waves are overwhelming.  If you’re an experienced kayaker, than ignore this bit of advice and just enjoy the beautiful views.